It's the season of giving! With that being said, Plywerk has some very special bamboo products that would make great gifts for any occasion!

Check out our list of cool bamboo products below:

  1. Jeff Soto March Flower Ornament


March is coming soon, so it's the perfect time to purchase your own March flower, created by Jeff Soto. This piece would look lovely when displayed in your home. Other colors and designs are available on our site!

2. Hex Boo Box


A Boo Box makes a neat gift for any occasion! The Hex shape is versatile enough to be displayed in any location and can be a great compliment to other photo frames and shapes. They're practical, affordable, and make a great gift for all!

3. Luke Chueh White Bear Ornament


Not a big fan of flowers? We understand. How about a cute bear instead? We can even provide gift wrapping!

4. Plywerk Bamboo Wood Print


Of course, you can't go wrong with a classic. A customized Plywerk Bamboo Wood Print makes a thoughtful and unique wood gift that they'll be sure to love! You can put a memorable quote, a lovely photo, etc. etc. The sky's the limit! Our wood prints come in a variety of sizes, including: 4x4, 6x6, and 8x10 for all different types of budgets!

Order your Plywerk gift today!


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