Proof That Babies + Eco-Conscious Bamboo Are A Beautiful Combination!

This blogger has never been a mother, but once when I was very young, I became a big sister to a baby. Now the baby and I are both adult women who were fortunate enough to have parents who were more than happy to photograph our biggest and littlest moments, and in drawers and boxes our whole lives have been transformed into objects I can interact with any time I want. Baby pictures are the most evocative items, mysterious and hilarious. My sister and I do not have memories of being a baby, but we have photographic proof that were once were one, and without memories we cherish the photos.

Photo Credit: Kim Nguyen Photo Credit: Kim Nguyen

At Plywerk, we see a whole lot of baby pictures, and it's understandable that a parent or relative would feel compelled to do something special with these memories that will never exist for the subjects. Baby pictures are special firsts in many ways, and they deserve the special treatment of a pairing with a Plywerk panel.

Plywerk is hand-crafted from eco-conscious bamboo on which photos are mounted edge-to-edge in a range of sizes, ensuring that your photos can be easily and attractively displayed anywhere in your home. Plywerk also makes a great gift, whether you're giving Nan an image of the first steps or giving your kid that embarrassing diaper photo you were saving for their sixteenth birthday.

As summer draws to a close, many families have had first beach trips and picnics and even birthdays and snapped plenty of photos. Even cell phone pictures look great on Plywerk's sanded bamboo or maple panels. People have said that Plywerk makes their images seem to glow, and what better memory to give the glowy treatment than your baby in their first summer days?

Check out our products and Plywerk some of your best baby photos today!

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