Records By Mail and Vinny

We’re really excited about Vinny, our newest product line, who features three distinct versions to help organize and display your vinyl record collection. With two different frame styles to hang album art on your wall, a stand to display a single record atop your stereo system, and a stackable crate to hold your entire vinyl collection, Vinny is perhaps our most unique product yet. But we couldn’t have released him without a little help from our friends.

IMG_7109 A view into the offices of Record by Mail. Image by Records by Mail

While everybody knows Portland is a great town for keeping vinyl alive, what you may not realize is that our city is home to what may in fact be the largest record collection in the world. Craig Moerer, of Records By Mail, has amassed a warehouse full of the analog marvels over the past 40 years, with a total count somewhere north of two million records. That’s a lot.

IMG_7102 There are millions of records at Records by Mail! Image by Records by Mail

Craig began collecting and selling records in 1974. He moved to Portland to establish Records By Mail, opening a web store in the mid-1990’s, and has been running the company ever since. It’s an impressive feat. His business has survived and thrived, living through cassette tapes, CDs, MP3s, and the iTunes Music Store thanks to the insatiable demand of old-school music fans around the world who still feel a romantic attachment to vinyl. We would consider ourselves to be among that group.

IMG_7110 Another fine view of the 45's. Image by Records by Mail

Of course, records aren’t just beloved for the rich warmth of the sound they produce, but also for the large, 12x12” album art. That is why we made Vinny, to give music lovers a beautiful, down-to-earth way to show off their favorite record albums. We reached out to Craig to help us promote Vinny, and we are beyond thankful for his support. We can’t think of a better partner in this mission. Get a glimpse inside Craig’s warehouse in this video, and then head over to Vinny’s crowdfunding page to help bring him into this world!

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