Redecorate Your Conference Room With Plywerk

A lot of everyday places get bad reputations. No one likes spending time in the school principal’s office. We all hate sitting in the doctor’s waiting room. And, for the most part, the conference room at work never really screams “cool.”  But that doesn’t mean that the conference room should just stop trying. Don’t give up! There’s room for improvement! And we’ve got some conference room decoration ideas that might just bump it up a couple notches on the awesome-meter.

5741399352_205e93c313_b Plywerk in a conference room will really add some flair.
Images by PhotosbyKim.

Some well-placed conference room art could be the cure to those conference room blues. And you can take a step in the right direction with some stylish Prints on Plywerk. These sleek wood-mounted photos are the perfect business decor to bring your office out of that aesthetic slump. And best of all, the possibilities are endless. You can say whatever you want to say with a Plywerk wall photo. Your art should be unique to your company. If you can provide the jpg, we can make it happen.

Say goodbye to that boring generic stock art. An old painting of a sailboat probably isn’t sending the right message anyway. Of course if you’re in the sailboat business, a new photo of a sailboat might be exactly what you need.

But your business decor isn’t just about giving employees something new to stare at while they’re sitting in those endless meetings. (Of course, they will appreciate it too.) Some nice updated business decor sends a message to everyone who visits your office. With Plywerk gracing your walls, you’ll be sure to impress prospective clients, win friends, and make your parents proud. Or, maybe you’ll just impress prospective clients. But you’ve got to start somewhere. And that’s a pretty good place to start.

By the way, doctors and school principals, you’re long overdue for a makeover.



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