September Featured Artist - Lili Chin

Lili Chin

Location: Los Angeles, CA



What are three words that describe your work?

Dogs, Digital illustrations, Prints


How and when did you start focussing your business on drawing dogs?

I started drawing dogs about seven years ago when I was fostering boston terriers for Boston Buddies Rescue and when I adopted my first dog - Boogie. I was working in animation at the time, and drawing dogs was a personal side project and fundraiser for Boston Buddies Rescue.  When I found myself getting so many requests and drawing dogs almost full-time,  I decided to make this a ‘pet portrait business’ where I donate a percentage to rescue.

My business of drawing dogs also includes working on infographics and educational material for professional dog trainers (eg, Dr Sophia Yin, Grisha Stewart, Dog Decoder app etc), veterinarians, and pet-friendly organizations. Many of these illustrations are about interpreting dog body language and behaviors, and how to help dogs who are reactive. There is also a personal connection here as my own dog Boogie has fearful-reactivity issues.

What Is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training - LiliChin+MikiSaito

How did you find your style? Has it changed since you started?

When I started Doggie Drawings I was only doing pet portraits in one style. There is actually quite a lot of variety in my work and I love this. I love that I don’t have to stick with drawing in one specific style all the time. I have the pleasure of working with different types of clients and on different kinds of projects that inspire different styles.

With my custom pet portrait work, I am now also doing a new style based on my Dogs of The World dog breed series. This means that people can now choose from two different styles when they commission a portrait of their dog.  A more realistic style or a simple fun, flat style. The simpler style is my current favorite and I am also selling t-shirts with this style.


What's your goal as an artist and from where do you draw inspiration?

My goal as an artist is to dedicate more time to the list of ideas that are in my head, and to get these done! There is never enough time!  I am also looking forward to new collaborations and creative or licensing relationships.

As much of a cliche as this sounds, Boogie my boston terrier is my biggest inspiration for all things dog-related. And then there is the internet - people I know, expert friends, vintage-style art with bright color palettes.


Why do you chose to show your artwork on Plywerk?

I received a gift Plywerk print from a friend and artist - Natalia Martinez - who has also been featured on Plywerk - and this was my introduction to Plywerk. I love the quality of Plywerk’s prints and the fantastic customer service.

lilichin-ZEUSWhen did you first realize you were a dog person?

I have always been a dog person. But when I was younger,  I traveled and moved around often so a dog seemed like too big a responsibility, and a cat was easier to manage.. When I adopted my dog, I was 200% ready to have a dog...and I became obsessed with him.

lilichin CustomPrints-examples1

Name an artist who has inspired you.

I am going to stick with dog artists for now. I adore the dog illustrations of Sophie Hogarth and Jess Chappell. Go look them up.


 What is your favorite thing about freelancing?

Working from home!

What is your least favorite thing about freelancing?

Never being sure that I can pay next month's rent and bills. I have been fortunate so far...touch wood.

lilichin CustomPrints-examples2

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A private investigator. It didn't occur to me as a kid that 'drawing' could be a career.


Win a CUSTOM Pet Print from Lili Chin Printed on Plywerk

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95 thoughts on “September Featured Artist - Lili Chin”

  • Michele dixon

    Beautiful work!! I have chihuahuas:)

  • Dana

    I love all things Lili Chin!

  • Jen Day

    I love Lili's work.

  • julie reif

    LOVE her work. Very talented!!

  • Jennifer

    Love your work!

  • Colleen e

    I love Lili's dog portraits! I would love to get one of my dog Rudy, who passed away last year.

  • Jill Newmark

    Love Lili Chin's work. It is cute, funny and always full of doggies!

  • Cindy Runyan

    I love your photos and have followed you for awhile. I have always wanted a portrait of Madi, my Boston, and I really would like one since she passed over the Rainbow Bridge in May to soon at 6.5 yrs old. She was my everything and one of your painting will immortalize her for me.

  • Lana Wright

    the best birthday present I could ever get is one of your portraits!

  • Erin B

    I love Lili's work! She is so talented :)

  • Cheryl Hermann

    I love Lili Chin's work! It is fresh and expressive. Her story of the rescue and care of her little Boston Terrier Boogie who inspired her work, and her generosity in support of Boston Buddies, is truly remarkable. A creative love story!

  • Silke

    Loved her artwork from the beginning and still loving it! Keep it up Lili. You make a lot of people happy with your fantastic digital art!

  • Maggie Lui

    Hi Miss Lili,

    Your drawings is very excellent. I love it very much ^^.

    from Hong Kong

  • Alicia Anthony

    I've always loved Lili's work!! It would be so fantastic to have a custom drawing of hers of my Ozzie! My husband and I became first time foster failures with him. I can't imagine a day without our Oz!! He'll be turning 10 years old this month, but he'll always be our "baby boy."

  • cinyum

    I love Lili's style!!! Her artwork is adorable!!!

  • Brieana Weybright
    Brieana Weybright September 1, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    I've been a fan for some time now! I really appreciate Lili's graphics regarding dog body language. I share them to help educate my family and friends who aren't always receptive to the signals their dogs are trying to give them.
    It's my dream to get the full Dogs of the World Series in prints to hang in my craft room.
    I'm a big fan! ❤️

  • Genesis Ramirez

    Your work always brings me so much joy ^_^ !
    Thank you for that.


  • Teresa Smith

    You do amazing work! I'm saving up for a portrait of my rescue "Punkin". Keep the awesome work coming!!!

  • Hailey Jernigan

    If I could, I'd wallpaper my whole house in these adorable pet portraits! I love that there are so many different breeds and such good training tips on the infographics. Give Boogie a smooch from me!

  • Cassandra Torres

    As an artist myself, I've followed Lili for a while on tumblr. I just love her dogs of the world series and her breed series!! I'm saving up to purchase a custom t-shirt of my dog Momoko!! Her style is so cute and expressive, it really captures the pets she draws so well! I'm glad she is able to make a living off of something she loves! I hope I can be in her position one day!
    Love ya Lili!!! Keep being amazing!!

  • nina

    so cool! love her work! would love one of my new puppy Brody!

  • Kelly

    I love her work, all of it. I especially love that she worked with the late great Sofia Yin to use art to educate!

  • Christina rose Leon

    Such lovely expressive work. Really captures the characters of the pups.

  • Cindy Fischer

    I would love to win a custom portrait of any of my adorable pack. I have 6 little sweethearts from which to pick. I'd love to see how Lili would showcase one of (or all of?) their personalities.
    I've been following Lili since she began and love her style. She's inspired me to try and draw them myself but have not been quite successful to say the least! Besides, with 6 who has time?!
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to have a custom portrait of one of my little kindred spirits!

  • Denise Fleck

    Lili's drawings are bow wow wonderful! I share many of her infographics with the high school students I teach Animal Care to. As a matter of fact, just yesterday I was teaching how to read animal body language, and Lili's drawings of Boogie came so in handy! Four paws up for her and the amazing talent that she is!

  • Pat Martin

    I love Lili's drawings, both dog and cat. I ordered a custom T-shirt of my recently departed Papillion and it turned out perfectly! She was able to capture him through her art, and I wear it as a reminder of my companion.

  • Claudia Steininger
    Claudia Steininger September 2, 2015 at 7:03 am

    I love Lili's work, each style is so unique and just a pleasure to look at! I would love a custom illustration of my very best dog-friend :)

  • Angie Shaw

    I am such a big fan of Lili's work! She always seems to capture the essence and energy of the dog. I love the info-graphics she has done for Grisha Stewart; they have helped me to understand concepts like BAT and counter-conditioning.
    I would be truly thrilled to own one of her pictures!

  • Christian

    Her work is adorable! I was wondering if she painted cats and was happy to see "Pancake's" drawing. I'd love to see my cat Henry's illustration done on Plywerk in the simple/flat style. That is my favorite style too!

  • Hope Marie

    I love the art! It's clean and captures the likeness in such a fun way!

  • Kayley

    How cool! I'd love to get something like this for my grandfather, who has a cute labradoodle.

  • Ingrid

    I have loved Lili's dog art since I first saw it, and so it was a no-brainer for me to commission Lili when it came time for me to have an illustration for my dog training business, Mankind's Best Friendship. For that I asked Lili to draw an 'anydog' and and 'anyhuman', and she did a wonderful job. And now I'd love to win a doggie portrait of not an 'anydog', but of a very specific dog. :)

  • ashley sawyer

    I love this! My dogs are like my kids and i would love to win a doggie portrait!! Thanks for the chance!!

  • Cat

    I love Lili's drawings, as well as the many infographics to help people understand dog language and positive training.

  • Jamie Blake

    I have 5 Boston Terriers they are my babies! Love all that you do!amazing!

  • Esther

    I love Lili's work so much. Whether they are dogs, cats or bunnies...the animals' body language and facial expressions are always spot on and adorable! My daughter's 3rd Grade class has a pair of pet bunnies named Benny and Jerry that all the kids take turns to look after. I would love to win a portrait of them for the class!

  • Lauren

    Wow. I found your work a few years ago and I love it. I printed copies of your doggie decoder and poisonous foods for dogs on my fridge so that I have a quick reference for the love of my life (Sunshine, the Havanese). You are awesome :)

  • Jennifer

    I have a few pieces of Lili's work. Love them all.

  • Laura

    I love Lili's work and I have a reactive dog too - I've long admired the fact that you use your talent to try to help us understand our dogs!

  • Kirsten Martin

    Love all of Lili's pictures - you can tell she is a dog lover through and through! I would be over the moon to have a custom portrait of my Bert and Ernie- 2 wonderful and daft terriers with bags of character that I know she would capture perfectly!

  • Juel Duke

    Lili's work captures the fun spirit of every animal. She is also passionate about positive training and being kind to all animals.

  • Joanne Fatur

    Love these drawings! I have a Boston terrier and ship tzu, both rescues. The Boston drawings capture their distinctive and comical look.

  • Michelle Walsh

    My 3 dogs and I are a very close bunch and I would love to have a reminder of them to keep forever!

  • Chandra Newsome

    I love her art work so much. She inspires me and has became my favorite animal artist.

  • Raffaele

    I recently came to your website and I had a look to all the portraits you did. It is such an amazing work, expecially when I saw all the colours of my favourite breed. I really love Chow Chow since my first bitch, Asia (she is now running over the rainbow bridge). I really want one for my couple, Kyra and Hero, both red chow. So as soon as possible, even if I don't win, I will order a custom print.
    Thank you for sharing your ART!
    Kyra & Hero
    from Italy

  • Stephanie

    I've wanted a custom portrait (or two or three or four...I have four dogs) created by Lili for a while now. We gave our Rally Obedience judges gift certificates (hope they use them!) towards a custom portrait drawn by Lili. Her work is great and I think really shows off each breed so nicely.

  • Susan Brehm

    I love Lili's work. I've been following her for some time now, saving up to get the Asian Dogs print.

  • Sarah

    Lili was great to work with to get a custom t-shirt with my mutt on it. She's so talented!

  • Jennifer Keene

    We use many of Lili's free posters on dog and cat body language, training and polite greetings at the animal shelter where I work. I would love a custom portrait! XOXO. Huge thanks to Lili for sharing her talents so generously!!

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