Show a little love today - send a Photo Bouquet

Good news! We have more super adorable Plywerk products available for you.  Take a look at these awesome bamboo wood shaped vases that you can display your favorite photos of your loved ones.  

Our bamboo wood vases come with three wire photo holders so you can display a series of photos.  These vases come in three different designs and color options - Heart this!  Who does not want to show off their family, kids or even pets?  This bouquet is water wise too, no need to add water to keep this bouquet fresh - just change out the photos.

Are you getting some ideas of how these super cute wood print vases can fill your home with love or someone else's?  Wait!! This is not all we have to share...ta da...the newest edition to the word photo bouquet has blossomed...wait for it..The Love Bouquet!

Love this (pun intended)!  Now we have two word photo bouquets that you can choose from - Love and Family.  Both of these come in two sizes - small and large and are made with 100% bamboo wood.  Assembly is so simple too - unwrap your bouquet, set it in the stand base and insert the wire stands. Now this is more than just a bouquet, its an arrangement of memories that lasts all year around.  So, show someone a little love or big love with our newest Plywerk product addition.

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