Spring Cleaning Ideas

When it comes to Spring cleaning, you may have all your supplies ready, but you may struggle to get rid of all the winter holiday mess. Not to worry though, Plywerk is here to help! Here are the top three tools we recommend to help make this Spring cleaning a breeze!

1. The Boo Boxes


The custom shelving system are an excellent way to organize your custom photo trinkets or any other small items you want to show off in your living room, bedroom, any room really! Not to mention a great modern home decor piece. We carry Boo Boxes in rectangular, square, and hexagon sizes such as the ones above, feel free to mix and match!

2. The Maggie Bamboo Frame 


Tired of changing your photos every season? Not to worry! The Maggie Bamboo Frame is here to help! This versatile bamboo magnetic frame was designed specifically with speed in mind. The ball bearing magnets roll with the movement of your photograph. This allows you to gently slide your image underneath the magnets whether you're taking it out or putting it in.

3.  Collage Prints


All that time you use to set up your collage frame will be put to something else to do, like eating chocolate ice cream! We'll handle creating a wonderful one of a kind collage print, and you just provide the photos! The custom collage wood print comes in different sizes and you also have the option of choosing Bamboo or Birch.

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