Spring Travels - Who's Got the Bug?

Winter get you down and now you're ready to break out and travel somewhere? We've got some perfect places in mind for you to visit this spring. Take a look at our photo journey and find the perfect place for you to begin yours!

Ah, Santorini, Greece. A remnant of a volcanic caldera, the island of Santorini is the quintessential, picture perfect place to visit in the middle of the Aegean Sea. One glimpse at the pure white buildings and dark blue seas and you'll forget winter even happened.

canstockphoto6449960 Santorini, Greece. You'll never want to leave.

Sure, Holland isn't a warm place to visit but the town streets, not to mention the countryside tulip fields, will charm you. Our co-founder and CEO, Kjell, is from here so he could tell you a hundred reasons why you should visit.

DSC_0590 Bicycles and old charm line the streets in Holland. Photo by Kim Nguyen.

All of the coastline in Oregon is public and there is surely a beach to suit your needs. Whether you want to surf, ride bumper cars, hike, eat seafood or take long walks along the sand, you'll surely find it along the Oregon coast.

coast The rugged Oregon coast. Photo by Nichole Alhadeff

Looking for warm and tropical? Try St. John in the Carribean Sea. The majority of the island is a national park and you'll find plenty of opportunity for adventure. Kayaking, snorkeling, diving, hiking, paragliding...

virgin islands Adventure awaits in St. John. Photo by Nichole Alhadeff

Does warm and dry float your boat a bit more? Head to the Southwest for warm temps during the day, cold nights and miles upon miles of beautiful desert. Utah alone has five national parks, each one vastly different than the other. Along the southern border and into Arizona, you'll also find many slot canyons to explore and put you in serious awe.

sw Slot canyons along the Utah-Arizona border will wow you. Photo by Nichole Alhadeff

Spring time in Paris? Yes, it's cliche but there is a reason for that. The romantic city is even more beautiful when the trees are blooming and the birds are singing.

pbk_0068 The Eiffel Tower in all it's glory. Photo by Kim Nguyen

Last but not least, you can always take a trip to Portland - that's assuming that you don't already live here. Besides seeing all the beauty our city has to offer, you can stop by our showroom to see our Custom Print on Plywerk, Stanley and Maggie in person! We could even give you a tour of our workshop.

portland Spring time in Portland is lovely along the Willamette River. Photo by Nichole Alhadeff

And there you have it. A list of great places to visit this spring. Don't forget to take lots of pictures. And remember, we're here for you when you realize that you can't hang a JPEG on the wall.



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