Using Stanley to Switch out Holiday Artwork

Tired of stacks of greeting cards piling up on your counter? Having trouble finding a creative way to display your seasonal dessert list? Have you met Stanley yet? If so, you already know about the sophistication, classy appearance, and incredible versatility of this upcycled Walnut picture display stand. If not, then allow me to highlight some of his most important attributes to illustrate how Stanley is the perfect holiday art display.

photo 1

You see, Stanley is made from high-quality, sustainably-sourced Western Walnut, and finished with an all natural oil/wax blend (it’s even safe enough to gnaw on, although we don’t recommend it). He also looks fantastic, but he’s not just decorative. Using crazy-strong neodymium magnets, Stanley can easily hold any piece of printed material upright, and makes it easy to switch out prints over time. This not only means he is perfect for displaying holiday pictures, but also for greeting cards, Christmas carols lyrics, or even seasonal menus at a restaurant.

Stanley is so much more than a picture display stand. He’s a proud example of our commitment to the sustainable production of eco-conscious picture frames and other display products. And, he’s the perfect companion to your mantel, tabletop, bedside table, or anywhere else you’d like to display a changing selection of seasonal content every year.

Available in three sizes, Stanley will scale nicely to whatever task you present him with, from holding the latest family photo to displaying a tap list of winter seasonal ales. He looks at home in virtually any environment, and if you act now, you can even pick him up at significant savings using the WHATADEAL discount code at checkout (ends November 25th). So what are you waiting for? Head over and introduce yourself.

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