Stanley Goes to Work: Stylish Menu Display Ideas

If you’ve been hanging around this here Plywerk blog recently, then you’ve seen how Stanley has been making the news quite frequently. We previously spoke of Stanley’s adeptness at displaying photographs at a wedding, and also threw in the idea of using him to display the dinner menu. But what if you're looking for a stylish menu display idea, and you’re not at a wedding? Well guess what? Stanley still wants the job!

photo 1 Happy Hour Menu from Pacific Pie Company!

That’s right, the little picture stand that could is expanding into new markets. No longer satisfied with simply putting your memories on display in your home or at your wedding, now he’s squarely positioned himself to take the professional business sector by storm. Are you a restauranteur with a flair for the classy? Have you been searching for a table display that is both stylish and makes it easy to switch out regularly-changing happy hour and specials menus? Do you have an opening for a maitre d’? Well then Stanley is the man for you.

photo 4 Table Top Menu from Pacific Pie Company!

Stanley’s upcycled western walnut with eco-friendly wax finish exemplifies our dedication to the environment, but also presents a dark, distinguished appearance, which Stanley will tell you is merely a surface-level manifestation of his inner wit and sophistication. He fits in nearly anywhere, and is just as comfortable suggesting a hot sauce at a sports bar as he is recommending wine pairings to foreign dignitaries. His small footprint won’t impede dinner table conversations, and his neodymium magnets offer a secure way to hold your rotating tap list upright, yet make it a breeze to switch out when needed. He’s also available in three different sizes, to accommodate different types of content, from upcoming live music performances to seasonal desert menus.

So much more than a picture stand, Stanley is a great way to add some custom decor to accent the mood of a restaurant, brewery, or café. Pair him with an elegant Plywerk bamboo art panel wall display for maximum effectiveness.

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