Summer Time Is Wedding Time!

As the summer sun shines down on Plywerk's home of Portland, Oregon in varying degrees on a scale of pleasant to oppressive, it would seem that some people's thoughts are turning to love and commitment and strategically arranged relatives - Yes, the summer weddings are here again, and Plywerk's eco-conscious hand crafted panels remain the best option for preserving your summery weddingy memories.

CB-0238 Photo Credit: Kim Nguyen van Zoen

If you live in a place that experiences actual seasons or is California, summertime is a season of sunshine and warmth that makes for pretty ideal wedding conditions. The ever-popular outdoor wedding makes for a lovely nuptial experience from which awesome photos are born - at Plywerk we see a lot of happy couples posing under majestic trees or barefoot in the yellow sand, faces aglow with the beauty of their love or possibly several layers of intense sunburn. Plywerk's bamboo panels have their own natural beauty and make an excellent home for images of outdoor weddings.

As a kid at family functions, my budding interest in photography lead to the oft-given position of semi-official family photographer, which mostly consisted of me borrowing my parents' camera for an hour or so to run around and shoot to my little heart's content. I strongly recommend doing this at your summer wedding! Pass off a disposable or unloved digital camera to a young relative and let them run wild through the reception. I promise that when you review those photos, some of them will be gems. Then pass them off to Plywerk to let us preserve that amazing memory for you on a handmade art panel! I think your home decor could use some adorable photos mounted on sustainably-grown bamboo, don't you?

Even if you're on the guest list and not at the altar, Plywerk can add to your summer wedding experience. If you're a friend or relative of a couple who has everything, instead of gambling on a set of steak knives or espresso mugs, wander off the registry and help make their wedding even more memorable with the gift of Plywerk. Photos from the rehearsal dinner or the engagement party or that friend-of-a-friend's barbecue potluck where you first introduced them, mounted on a sleek, high-quality bamboo art panel handmade in Portland, OR, makes for a thoughtful and truly unique wedding present.

Check out our products and start preserving your summer wedding memories today!

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