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Here at Plywerk, we love the outdoors. We love being outdoors. We love outdoor photography. And we love our friends over at the Outdoor Project. If you’re not already familiar, the Outdoor Project is an insanely useful guide to outdoor adventures in Oregon, Washington, and California. It’s not only a practical guide, but an inspiration - it’s a guide that really encourages exploration on your journey.

Bring Outdoor Project to the Entire US West   Indiegogo Donate to Outdoor Project to help them grow throughout the country. You'll be glad you did!

If you know what you’re interested in, you can search the site by activity. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to hike, bike, sled, or snowshoe, this site will find you a place to do it. And if you’re just looking for something, anything, somewhere nearby, you can also search by location.

Anyhow, since we love the Outdoor Project so deeply, we’re happy to help them out with their IndieGogo Campaign that is happening RIGHT NOW. That’s right. Time is of the essence.

150 Donate at the $150 level or more and you'll receive a Plywerk with any photo that you chose from the great shots on Outdoor Project.

With over 30 contributors, the Outdoor Project is a resource for 1,000 adventures along the West Coast of the United States, but they’d love to expand beyond that. They’ve worked hard to cover the trails, lakes, rivers, mountains and campgrounds in Oregon, Washington and California. With a little help from other generous fans of the Outdoor Project, they’re trying to raise funds so they can do the same work with Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico within the next two years.

Sounds pretty cool, no? And to add an extra splash of cool, when you donate to the campaign, you’ll also be rewarded with some Plywerk. When you contribute $150 or more, you’ll receive a Print on Plywerk to call your own. So be a peach, and check out the campaign. And if you’re an adventurous sort, show them a little love so they can continue to do great work.

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