The Perfect Square - 8"x 8"

Looking for the perfect wood print size?  One that can stand alone, look great as a pair or even in a collage?  We have the perfect option - the Plywerk  8"x 8" square.  Right now you can stock up on these fun sized wood prints at a great price and create a masterpiece collection on your wall.  Don't have room for a cluster of prints, this petite print will fit on a small wall and still make a statement.

8" x 8" print - solo

8"x 8" Collection

Here is an idea of how you can hang a group of square panels together.  This can be four different images or one image cut into four panels.  Get creative and see how many different options you can come up with to decorate your home with.  These 8"x 8" birch prints are perfect for a gift or showing off your decorating skills in your own home, move over HGTV, we have this job covered.  There are so many things to do with this perfect square!

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