Three Reasons to Mount Your Memories on Plywerk

There are some moments in the life of a family that are meant to be preserved - Sally’s high school graduation, Grandpa’s 90th, baby’s first multi-tiered snot bubble. You pick the best of the best to receive the permanent treatment, and Plywerk’s bamboo art panels are the perfect home for your best photos. Pass a Plywerk around to your friends and family to hear, “Ooh, ahh!” The super-smooth sanded finish is quality you can touch, and the eco-conscious materials make for a designer home decor product you can feel great about!

bamboo photo mounting

The Perfect Frame Alternative

In the same way that your great-aunt Gertrude’s from-scratch noodles are better than store-bought, your handmade in Portland, Oregon Plywerk is the perfect alternative to a store-bought frame. By employing edge-to-edge photo mounting, we ensure your photo looks good anywhere in your home or office. Is your style sleek and modern? Classic and timeless? Bizarre and unpalatable? No problem! Photos mounted on Plywerk look sexy in any habitat. With a wide range of sizes and your choice of bamboo or maple, there are dozens of unique Plywerk products available to you. Finally, the perfect way to fill that 5x15, ¾ inch deep space between the macaroni painting and the wedding portraits.

Plywerk is Perfect For Art

At Plywerk, we know you consider your memories to be works of art, and that’s how we treat them. Plywerk is even a great fit for your actual works of art! With no glass to glint and glare, there’s nothing standing between your inkwash illustrations or digital paintings and the eye of the beholder.


Plywerk is Convenient

Time is a limited resource, and yet picture frames can't seem to grasp this concept. Getting photos printed, traveling to the store, finding the right fit, and putting it all together make framing cumbersome. The keyholed, easy-to-hang panels are a great option for gallery spaces of all shapes and sizes, professional or converted spare room or otherwise. Check out our art hub to see the work of artists who agree that art mounted on bamboo is a match made in heaven!

wood photo panel

You seem convinced! Why not take that first step to get started?

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