Time to Get Organizized!

2017 is upon us and that means one thing… you got so much new cool stuff for Christmas that you need somewhere to put all your old cool stuff from last year! Might we suggest picking up a few Boo Boxes from Plywerk!


Boo Boxes are a modern, modular, shelving solution for your home or office that look beautiful and help cut down on all the unnecessary clutter. Boo Boxes are not only more compact and sleek than most contemporary shelves, they’re also stylish way to display old and new keepsakes alike!


Boo Boxes were specifically designed to include corresponding angles and dimensions, allowing you to mix and match any size or shape we offer. Get a series of Square or Rectangle Boo Boxes for a chic uniform look, or combine some of our Hexagon and Trapezoid Boo Boxes for a unique display to fit around your existing wall decorations!


With all the insanity of 2016, it’s time to cut out all the craziness and get back to basics by thinking INSIDE the box... BOO Box that is. (Tee hee)

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