Get ‘em while they’re hot: the It’s Too Damn Hot Frame Sale is on!

It’s. So. Hot. No, seriously: I’m writing this at 9:30 PM from an air-conditioned bar in Southeast and I’m still too hot. With temperatures like these, it makes coming up with creative marketing ideas really difficult. So instead, we’re just going to offer a blanket 20% discount on all Plywerk picture display products. Boring? Sure, but it's too hot to think of a better idea for a picture frame sale. Just head over to our eco-friendly online store and use discount code TOOHOT20 to instantly save on all photo display products, now through August 24th.


Yes, we know, this is one of the least inspired promotions of the summer, but c’mon, what do you really expect? It’s really, really hot. There have been multiple days of 100+ degree weather here in Portland, and we just don’t know how to function in that kind of heat. The only thing we know how to do is offer incredibly steep savings on the world’s best photo and art mounting solutions, like our custom prints on Plywerk. We also have great do-it-yourself picture frames and photo stands, like our Stanley and Maggie, and you can save 20% on them, too.

Did you know that the bamboo used in our panels is some of the best stuff on earth for capturing carbon emissions? That’s worth talking about at at a time like this when the world is experiencing record high temperatures. Support the international bamboo growing community by purchasing Plywerk, and maybe we can help lower the mercury back down to tolerable levels. Or just do it because it’s 20% off right now.

Oh yeah, we’re also doing this cool thing were you get a free Bamboo Coaster with your order, atop which you can rest your cold beverage of choice. Iced tea, IPA, lemonade, it doesn’t really matter. Just make it cold. Any cold drink would be great right now, actually. There’s an idea: buy Plywerk, contribute to our Cold Drink Fund. We appreciate it.

So remember, just use discount code TOOHOT20 to instantly save 20% on your next Plywerk order.

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