Top 4 Collage Makers Options

Here at Plywerk we offer birch or bamboo collage wood prints. Why only have a wood print with one photo when you can display so many more of your moments and memories?! To help you out with the process of creating a collage for your print I decided to list out the top 4 collage makers so when you place your order for your print your collage will be ready!

  1. Canva Collage Templates

    Canva is an web service that has tons of free collage templates! You do have to sign up to use the service but it’s definitely worth it. They have many fonts, effects, and shapes. Their collages look great and their designs are up to date with the current trends.

  2. PicMonkey

    PicMonkey is an web and mobile service! Which just means you can access PicMonkey from your computer or from downloading the mobile app on your phone. PicMonkey has touch-up tools also if you are looking to edit your photos before putting them into a collage. The application is free but can be upgraded to 4.99/month for their premium service.

  3. Picture2life

    Picture2life is also a web service. It is completely free and offers 20 fully customizable templates for your collages. You also don’t have to sign up for an account. Picture2life is a bit more on the simpler side but will definitely get your collage done.

  4. Fotor

    Fotor is another web service. It is a free service that offers a variety of choices for your collage. They have classic templates, artistic templates, funky collages, and photo stitching. They also have a bunch of stickers, effects, and text options. Using this application  will definitely give you the result you are looking for.

    If none of these collage options are cutting it for you, drop us a message! We would love to help you out with your custom photo collage and help you perfect your print!

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