Top 5 Christmas Vacations

Where are you right now? Somewhere boring? Somewhere cold? Pennsylvania? Do you feel like a fool? Well, you should! Sure, sure, family is great. And traditions are… fine. But wouldn’t you love for your Christmas vacation to be a real vacation? There’s a lot to be said for spending Christmas somewhere new, or better yet, somewhere warm. So let’s all take a little break from this chilly reality and dream about our top 5 Christmas Vacations.

9020419344_50fa8395b0_b Any tropical vacation will do.
Photo by Nichole Alhadeff

1. Hawaii

If you want a tropical vacation without leaving the United States, Hawaii is the best of both worlds. You get an exotic beach trip, but if your loved ones are in America, you can still give them a Mele Kalikimaka call on your cell phone without any extra roaming charges.

2. Munich, Germany

This city is just about as festive as it gets. If you want to really celebrate Christmas, celebrate Christmas in Munich. They do the holiday right with a 100 foot tall Christmas tree in the Marienplatz, scores of Christmas markets, and plenty of mulled wine and gingerbread to get you in the spirit.

3. Reykjavík, Iceland

You won’t have a chance to work on your tan in Reykajavik - in fact, you’ll only catch about 4 hours of daylight. But seeing the eerily beautiful aurora borealis light up the sky is even more magical than catching a glimpse of Santa’s sleigh. Speaking of which, a northern lights-themed Print on Plywerk would be a nice memento of the trip.

4. Taos, New Mexico

Have a very cultural Christmas in New Mexico with the Taos Pueblo Christmas Eve celebration. Plus, you have the option to hit the slopes on Christmas Day at the Taos Ski Resort.

5. Disney World Resort

The happiest place on Earth seems like a no-brainer if you want to have a very merry Christmas. This is a place that celebrates every day of the year. They know how to do holidays. And some time in the Sunshine State will cure you of that Seasonal Affective Disorder.



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