Top 5 Design and Home Decor Blogs

Remember your first apartment? The thrill of buying a shower curtain all by yourself? And picking out a comforter? And matching things to your comforter! And then you discovered throw pillows. You had fun, despite the fact that you had a very limited budget (no budget) and were afraid to hang too much on the walls, because the landlord made a big deal about not putting holes in the walls.

Image by Anja Niemi Image by Anja Niemi

But it was a turning point. It's probably when you discovered that this is something you could really get on board with. Design! Decor! Home decor is the sort of thing that’s not too appealing until you have a home. And now you do! And you could spend endless hours daydreaming about things you could do with it.

So you’ve already got a problem. And we’re enablers. That’s why we’re going to share with you some of the best design blogs.

Top 5 Design and Home Decor Blogs:

1.) You probably already know and like Design Sponge. That’s because founder Grace Bonney is like the Tom Hanks of design blogs, if that makes any sense. Everyone knows and loves her. And we all understand why.

2.) If you need interior design help, Bliss  is a wonderful place to get lost for a day. Or a week. Plus, Traci French is an Oregonian (and Plywerk customer), so you know she’s pretty rad.

3.) You might know Emily Henderson from HGTV. She won DesignStar and went on to have her own show. But her blogging over at Style By Emily Henderson is delightful. You'll find great ideas and a good sense of humor. Nutritious AND delicious. And another Oregonian? This is getting weird.

4.) Little Green Notebook is another fine resource for design tips and DIY projects. And if you like to know your blogger, you’ll enjoy seeing inside Jenny Komenda’s home.

5.) Making It Lovely by Nicole Balch is full of helpful tutorials and jealousy-inducing pictures.

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