Vinny Party: The top 10 Portland album covers of all time and beyond

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Last week Vinny was the star of Portland's first Thursday at MadeHerePDX. We were spoiled with a lot of good local chocolate and Gin tasting and a sweet music performance by Fluff and Gravy Records artist, Kevin Lee Florence!

PLYWERK-Vinny-party-03-Mar15 Plywerk sustainability advisor Prof. Dave Hall reading Vinny's Story.

On top of this exquisit program, we received Portland Mercury's help to select Portland's top 10 album covers of all time!

This great selection was proudly displayed on Vinny frames, for everyone to admire and vote for. From rock to unique hip-hop music, once more we were reminded how lucky we are here in Portland to have such a great and eclectic music scene. Needless to mention how struggling it was for voters to select their favorite one!

By the end of the night we finally received the results:

Vinny Contest winner 1 Top #1 Portland Cover of all time: Menomena
Vinny contest winner 2 Top #2 Best Portland Album Cover of all time: Paul Revere & The Raiders
Vinny Contest Winner 3 Top #3 Portland Album Cover of all time - Wipers
PLYWERK-Vinny-party-32-Mar15w Kevin Lee Florence

Many artists, photographers, local start-up owners and music fans and Plywerk lovers gathered with us that night to pay tribute to the amazing selection of album covers that were picked by the Mercury.  Needless to say it was a struggle for everyone to determine their favorite.

PLYWERK-Vinny-party-19-Mar15w Yummy treats from 3 Little Figs.
PLYWERK-Vinny-party-05-Mar15 The Hot Rock - #4 in out top Portland album cover selection of all time
PLYWERK-Vinny-party-35-Mar15w What a night!
the "Vinny Vintage Package" available at Madehere PDX and the "Vinny Vintage Package" available at Madehere PDX and

Vinny was so honored and had such a great time, it was not willing to come back to the workshop quite yet; So we all decided to keep the suite on display at MadeHere PDX until the end of the month. No better occasion to go smell it and witness how greatly you can now display your favorite records - and fear not, we won't judge you if you decide to display a none local band!

To read more about Vinny and order yours, click here.

PLYWERK-Vinny-party-14-Mar15w The Commissary used New Deal’s Portland 33 gin to make killer Vinny Cocktails!
PLYWERK-Vinny-party-24-Mar15w TreeHouse Chocolate Tasting - Yum!
PLYWERK-Vinny-party-42-Mar15w Rockin' MadeHere PDX team members
PLYWERK-Vinny-party-57-Mar15w Reading Plywerk's Manifesto makes people happy!
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