Umpqua Bank Local Spotlight

Going to the bank can be kind of a chore. Unless, of course, you’re 7 years old and you go on Saturday morning with your dad in the hopes of scoring some of that free bank candy. (Playing with a pen on a chain was always a little bonus, too.) But the bank just got a little more thrilling. Or at least, our bank did. That’s because when you visit Umpqua Bank in Portland, you might just get a little taste of Plywerk.

photo 1 (1) Step into the Hawthorne Branch of Umpqua Bank and step out with some Plywerk!

Plywerk is happy to be featured as an Umpqua Bank Local Spotlight merchant. Local Spotlight is a pretty cool program that allows local businesses to show off their products at select Umpqua Bank locations. It also allows you fine bank customers to buy said products directly from the bank. It’s like a one-stop shop. (If you’re only shopping for artwork and money.)

But it really is a good deal for everyone. The bank gets to display our lovely and attractive merchandise. We get to expand our customer base to include ‘people who go to banks.’ And the public gets to enjoy a little art-gazing during their boring weekend errands.

That means that if you find yourself at the Hawthorne or Progress Ridge locations, you might walk out with your normal sack of cash AND some Plywerk. So make sure you keep your eyes open next time you’re waiting in line at Umpqua. We know it’s easy to get distracted by all the lollipops and pens, but try and remember to look for Plywerk and other fine local merchants.

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