Using Stanley to Display Photos at a Wedding

In the years I spent as a wedding photographer, I came across many fun ways to display photographs at the ceremony and reception, from simple picture frames, to photo books, to cardboard cutouts of the bride and groom. A wedding offers a rare opportunity for entire families and groups of friends to be together, and is the perfect time to put your memories on display. And Stanley, the newest addition to our Plywerk family, is a simple and elegant solution for doing exactly that.

PLYWERK Stanley wedding 2 Aug14

As its name suggests, Stanley is an easy-to-use photo stand, consisting of two wood blocks held together by some crazy-strong magnets. It is incredibly easy to transport and set up, so it’s great for weddings when time is of the essence. Use it to display those embarrassingly-cute baby pictures of the bride and groom, photos from the engagement shoot, or just about anything else. (You could even use Stanley to display the timeline or dinner menu—now that’s thinking outside the frame).

PLYWERK Stanley wedding 1 Aug14

Like all of our photo-mounting solutions, Stanley represents our unflinching commitment to the environment. Available in three sizes, it is made from sustainably harvested and upcycled Western Walnut courtesy of The Joinery right here in Portland, OR. It is then hand-finished with an all-natural oil/wax blend, giving it a rich and beautiful surface so that Stanley looks its best on your wedding day.

Stanley is the easy-to-use, sustainable, and elegant custom photo display stand that will look right at home at your wedding. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and introduce yourself.

Article written by Daven Mathies

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