In our previous post, we discussed some great ideas for Valentine's Day gifts. All of those solutions are great for an individual image or piece of art, but what if you have so many you're having a hard time deciding which one to pick? There's only one solution, get a PLYWERK print of them all by combining them into a brand new PLYWERK collage!


PLYWERK collages let you mix and match all your favorite thoughts and memories into a beautiful, handmade, one of a kind Valentine's Day gift! Now you can combine all of your favorite art and photographs to tell a beautiful photo story.


Make a collage comprised solely of images when you first met. How about a collage of the amazing year you and your partner have shared this past year? The most special collage of all is one depicting the family you've built together celebrating all the "new additions" you've added over the years.


You can't go wrong with a PLYWERK collage, unless you don't order it in time for Valentine's Day, then good luck on trying to explain that. :P

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