Valentine's Day is approaching, and since we're having a sale to celebrate, PLYWERK products are the most memorable, yet simple way, to show how much you care this great holiday! Not sure what to get? That's ok, we got a few suggestions...



Remind your partner how much hope & love they bring you on Valentine's Day, and every day after that, with an inspirational sign. Use your favorite Word Art app to create a unique daily tribute to your partner in the form of a custom wood print that will look great in your home.



This one is a fun throwback to the days of elementary school. Remember when your Mom would help you buy a box of Valentine's Day cards of your favorite cartoon with some cheesy puns on them? You'd stay up late the night before to individually write the names of all your classmates on each card so you could drop it off in the makeshift mail box on their desk. While these might have been a little cheesy, they never failed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Draw your own and mount it to a beautiful hand crafted PLYWERK panel!



Probably the most personal gift of all. A love letter is something you can't buy in a store. Instead of keeping these amazing expressions of love inside a shoebox in your closet, commemorate your best written wishes and words by mounting your most cherished love letter to proudly display at home or in the office.

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