It Ain't Easy Being Green

While everyone is excited to change things at the start of every year, there’s one thing here at PLYWERK that will always stay the same, and that is our deep commitment to being an Eco-Conscious company. What exactly does that mean? Here are some of our practices that help reduce our impact as a company.



I know you’ve heard us talk about this a million times before, but it’s still something we’re incredibly proud of! As the first business in the Riverside area to take advantage of the cities solar rebate program, we had over 200 solar panels installed on the roof of our building, allowing us to run the entire PLYWERK operation completely off of 100% renewable solar energy.



For the longest time, Petroleum based-inks have been the standard in the printing industry. These particular inks contain volatile organic compounds (known respectively as VOC’s) which are released during the printing and drying of this ink, reducing air quality and can cause negative health risks. PLYWERK uses water based cured latex inks that are odorless and contain zero solvents. This type of ink is UV Cured, allowing for rapid print production, eliminating hazardous emissions to nearly non-existent levels during our production process.




We only use 100% fully sustainable wood for our PLYWERK products. This means that the wood we purchase was grown and gathered responsibly, ensuring that the surrounding eco-system of it’s origin maintained its ecological integrity during the cultivation process, while ensuring new trees are planted in it’s place once harvested.

For more information on our above-and-beyond approach to our eco-friendly practices, please visit our More Than Just Green Page.

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