Why Bamboo Wood Prints?

Plywerk is known for selling birch wood prints but how and why are bamboo wood prints different? First and foremost, bamboo is actually not wood at all, in fact, bamboo is a type of grass. Bamboo is also one of the fastest growing plants on the planet!


Unlike birch, bamboo has a stylish and beautiful finish on both it’s “flute” and “layered” side, so no matter what way you want your print to look, it’ll magnificent horizontally or vertically. The bamboo wood print is also a little heavier than birchwood, but the feel is incredible!

bamboo-wood-printsBamboo prints can easily be mounted and keyholes are created just as easily as with birch. You can order your custom bamboo wood print in any size, and may choose direct print or photo mounted. Your custom bamboo wood print can also be bevel edged, giving it a wonderful look. Lastly, our bamboo wood prints aren’t just sustainably harvested, but we pride ourselves in buying our bamboo from local suppliers!


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