Will Bryant & The Making of MJ's Birthday Plywerk

We have been working with Will Bryant for several years and have loved every moment of it. Will is super creative, easy going, and loads of fun. Not sure who Will Bryant is?... here's the nutshell version:

Will makes work about language, nostalgia, the senses, and nonsenses. This includes and is not limited to 90s basketball, cats, pop culture, art history, and self-deprecation. With interests in commercial work, and art practice he aims to breakdown barriers while creating piles of work that create a dialogue between the two. His work can be experienced in various forms such as drawing, painting, printmaking, publications, sculpture, and events. Whatever form it takes, his work remains light-hearted and full of personality. - Will's site

Here are a couple of our favorite examples of Will's artwork:
Will Bryant 1Will Bryant 2Will Bryant 3


Something else that you should about Will before we move on, he is totally obsessed with Michael Jordan and 90's basketball. Here's some visual proof:
Little-Will-BryantMJ-CutoutLittle-Will-Bryant-MJ-ShrineLittle-Will-Bryant-Bulls-EasterCurrent-Will-Bryant-MJ-Retro TWill-Bryant-MJ-Valentine


As luck would have it, Michael Jordan turned 50 years old on 2/17/13 and Will was invited to create a piece of art for Mj's birthday party. As even more luck would have it, Will asked us to help out! You can follow the the making of His Airness' 50th birthday gift from Will below:

IMG_3558 Measure twice, cut once. Those are bags of sawdust in the back, not trash. All our sawdust gets recycled :)


IMG_3559 Cutting the panel to size on the table saw. We use a Saw Stop table saw to save Plywerkers fingers... plus they are local.


IMG_4010Rough sanding. Note: this is not the actual Jordan panel. Our marketing guy is dumb and didn't get the shot the first time.


Plywerk-Branding We use an actual hot branding iron to apply the Plywerk logo on our pieces.


Plywerk Woodstamp We also apply a small Woodstamp so people know each piece is handmade in Portland.


IMG_3832We sand the piece three times. This is the final hand sanding


IMG_3819After the final sand, the piece leaves the woodshop and comes to the studio where the PH neutral adhesive is applied


IMG_3821We trim off the extra adhesive and make it into clear double sided mustaches. There's not much demand for them... Yet.


Will-Bryant-MJ-50th-BdayA print of Will's beautiful artwork and our handcrafted bamboo art panel meet for the first time.


Plywerk-ColdmountThrough the cold mount machine to bond the print to the panel. Weak Jordan tongue by Chris, but it's the thought that counts


IMG_3839Trimming the bleed off the print to give a super clean edge.


IMG_3842Pure hotness on the quality control table for final inspection


IMG_3848Done and done! Ship it to New York for the party. Excellent jumpman and tongue by JJ.

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