We Have a Winner!

If you’ve ever entered a cool product giveaway, you’ve probably imagined yourself being showered with riches and treasures beyond your wildest dreams. But if you’ve never actually won a cool product giveaway, you’ve probably become jaded and cynical over the many years. No one ever wins those things, you likely grumble to yourself.

DSC_3875 Maggie is a gorgeous bamboo photo frame using magnets & ball-bearings to hold your photos in place.

Well, buck up. Because Kacie Carter does! Or at least, she’s the lucky lady who won the giveaway that we did with Design Sponge recently. Don’t begrudge her those riches though. She won it fair and square. She worked hard for her 8 Maggie Frames. Wait. Actually, she didn’t work that hard. That’s kind of the point of a giveaway, now isn’t it? I guess she’s just extremely lucky.

All she had to do was visit our website and tweet her favorite product along with the image she’d use with it. And now she has 8, yes 8, Maggie frames. A whole octet of cool bamboo magnetic photo frames. Not bad for a hard day’s tweet, huh?

DSC_3842 Maggie is great for swapping out memories whenever the mood strikes.

So, people of the internet, look to Kacie as inspiration. She gave it a shot and it paid off. Don’t give up on giveaways. You have to enter if you’re ever going to win.

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