World's Best New Year's Eve Celebrations

Did you celebrate last New Year’s Eve by eating tacos and going to bed at 10:45? First of all, congrats, because tacos are fantastic. But it sounds like you need a little kick in the pants, party-wise. If you’re going to go all out go all out. Let’s explore some of the world’s best (and most photo-worthy) New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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1. Ecuador

Head to Ecuador for one of the most unique New Year's parties you'll ever attend. They really take "out with the old" to a whole new level by setting homemade effigies representing people and events from the last year ablaze. Some of the dummies are even stuffed with fireworks to help move things along. On a related note, many participants start the new year with a trip to the emergency room. You might want to stick to taking pictures.

2. Netherlands Milk Jug Cannons

Travel to the Netherlands for their annual lighting of the milk churns. This bizarre dairy based ritual is believed to ward off evil spirits. It’s a milk jug exploding extravaganza. You probably have to see it to believe it.

3. Thailand Water Fight

Start your new year off in Thailand with a week-long nationwide water fight. It’s the hottest time of year in Thailand, so you’ll enjoy getting doused with buckets of water, pelted with water balloons and assaulted with water guns. More fun than streamers and confetti, don't you think?

4. Scotland's Hogmany

Edinburgh's Hogmanay is a three-day winter festival. It’s also the place to go if you think Times Square is just a little too low-key, as it’s one of the largest new year’s celebrations in the world.

5. New Orleans

Begin the year in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Forget watching the ball drop. Here, at the stroke of midnight, Baby New Year drops from the top of Jax Brewery, and fireworks explode over the Mississippi.

If you can make it to any of these party places, makes sure to take a lot of pictures. We want to see them. And you'll need some visual proof of your awesome new year's celebration. Especially if you get to explode a milk jug.


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