Warranty & Returns

Our Warranty

Plywerk guarantees our products for life against manufacturing defects. “Manufacturing defect” does not include damage caused by showering with your Plywerk, kissing your Plywerk, acts of God or normal wear and tear. Please be extremely careful when removing Plywerk from the packaging and getting the piece into its location on the wall. Your Plywerk should be handled with care and preferrably from the back and sides only.

What if things go wrong?

If a problem arises please don't throw your Plywerk away, paint it, or burn it without talking to us first. We would much rather fix or reclaim a piece of Plywerk than see it turned into a cutting board or fire starter. Please contact us to discuss a return or repair and to obtain a Return Authorization Number prior to sending products back. Returned panels for exchange must be in their original unaltered condition. When returning something be prepared with the following: a full description of what is wrong with the product, how the damage occurred, how many cavities you have, how often you floss, and a couple pictures of the damaged piece / box it arrived in.

Print color/quality?

We Plywerkers have a strong background in printing, print-design and photography. We use the best digital prints available in the world, but in the end color reproduction is not an exact science and fluctuations can occur. With this in mind, the quality of the printing is very much dependent on the file you provide. So be sure to read our file preparation guidelines above AND if you are truly and deeply passionately about the color make sure you are working on a color calibrated monitor.