Trinket Collection

All the Plywerk trinkets make great gifts and stocking stuffers for friends and loved ones, who will undoubtedly cherish the memories they display for years to come. And luckily, Plywerk trinkets aren’t limited to the holidays—find a place to hang, stick or place them, be it a rearview mirror, over a kitchen window, a refrigerator or your desk for year-round enjoyment! Buying a Trinket is as easy as uploading your photo, selecting the crop, and clicking submit. And don’t forget about Gift Your Order, our eco-conscious gift wrapping service—we’ll even include a custom handwritten note for the recipient.



Your favorite image and 2.5"x2.5" ¾" bamboo make the perfect Ornament. It’s perfect for the holidays or to hang from your rearview mirror.

Finishing Touches: A stainless steel eyelet and gorgeous organza ribbon ensure that this little trinket will look good anywhere all year round.



Made from 1.5" thick bamboo, our Desktop Blocks are perfect for, well, your desktop. With dimensions of 2.5”x2.5”, they are 100% adorable.

Eco-Conscious Bamboo: The Desktop Block is made from gorgeous sustainably harvested solid 1.5" bamboo. Several rounds of hand-sanding provide a glass-like finish.



We've created a beautiful bamboo magnet for your fridge. You provide your favorite image, and we’ll preserve it on this 2.5”x2.5” little cutie. It will surely make you smile every time you reach for a snack.

Crazy Strong Magnet: The entire backside of the print is a magnet which ensures your Fridge Magnet will stay put.

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